The Barbarian - Character Sprites

by overcrafted

The Barbarian Game Character suitable for platformer/sidescroller games and more..



- He is drawn in Illustrator therefore 100% Vector.
- Each body part is exported as a single sprite AND packed in a spritesheet using a similiar software like texture packer to reduce space and increase performance.
- Fully rigged and animations exported as single sprites AND packed in a spritesheet
- Both source files .ai and .scml (Illustrator and Spriter files) are included. So easy to edit and fit your needs
- Everything is organized and named properly
-Additionaly mobile app icon with this character included.


- 30 body parts
- More than 10 animations ( Attack, Die, Die Bloody, Hurt, Hurt Idle, Idle 2, Jump Animations, Shield Block, Shield Equip, Slide, Walk, Run)


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