IAP Badger

by HappyMongoose

Want a simplified way of implementing in-app purchases in your app? That will save you time? And means that one piece of code will work on all of your users' devices, whether they're on iOS, Google Play or Amazon?

Then you're in the right place.

IAP Badger gives you a simple way of coding in-app purchases in Corona.

Using IAP Badger, you can implement in-app purchases that work across all the app stores in just 15 lines of code. And three of those lines only have closed curly brackets on them.

IAP Badger provides:

* A simplified set of functions for processing in app purchases (IAP) - meaning you get IAP up and running quickly. That leaves you free to focus on the more important (and less tedious) parts of app development.
* The ability to write a single piece of IAP code that works across the App Store, Google Play and Amazon - saving you hours and eliminating difficult to maintain spaghetti code.
* It works. The library's already been tried and tested on real devices in the real world. That gives you peace of mind - if something doesn't work, it's mostly likely to do with the IAP set up in one of the store consoles.
* A testing mode, so your IAP functions can be tested on the simulator or a real device without having to contact an actual app store. This makes development quicker and bugs easier to track down.
* The option to use IAP Badger's own inventory system for keeping track of product purchases, with built in loading/saving (with some basic security functions to avoid tampering).  Want to do this by yourself? No problem.  IAP Badger won't mind.
* Flexibility. Do your IAPs have different idenitfiers in different stores? No problem. IAP Badger doesn't care - just give it a list of identifiers and it takes care of the rest.
* Well documented. We've provided a complete tutorial to implementing IAP in your app, detailed descriptions of all the API calls and a metric tonne of example code which you're free to copy and paste into your app.
* Free to download and completely open source - no license fees or royalties to pay. Forever. Want to change something? No problem. We even share the full code on Github.

All that's left to do is click the activate button on this page to gain access the plug-in - and make the badger proud.

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