Scrappy Device

by Scrappy Ferret


Scrappy Device is a simple helper library for Solar2D that simplifies working out what sort of device your app is running on.


A full API listing can be found here.


-- Load plugin library
require "plugin.scrappyDevice"

-- Initiate the library

-- What's our platform?
print( "Platform: ", Scrappy.Device:getPlatform() )

-- What's our environment?
print( "Environment: ", Scrappy.Device:getEnvironment() )

-- What's our architecture?
print( "Architecture: ", Scrappy.Device:getArchitecture() )

-- What's our model?
print( "Model: ", Scrappy.Device:getModel() )

-- Are we on a real device?
print( "Real: ", Scrappy.Device:isReal() )

-- Are we in the simulator?
print( "Simulator: ", Scrappy.Device:isSimulator() )

-- Are we on iOS?
print( "IOS: ", Scrappy.Device:isIOS() )

-- Are we on Android?
print( "Android: ", Scrappy.Device:isAndroid() )

-- Are we on OSX?
print( "OSX: ", Scrappy.Device:isOSX() )

-- Are we on Windows?
print( "Windows: ", Scrappy.Device:isWindows() )

-- Are we on Linux?
print( "Linux: ", Scrappy.Device:isLinux() )

-- Are we on a Kindle device?
print( "Kindle: ", Scrappy.Device:isKindle() )

-- Are we on an AppleTV device?
print( "AppleTV: ", Scrappy.Device:isAppleTV() )

-- Are we on a FireTV device?
print( "FireTV: ", Scrappy.Device:isAmazonTV() )

-- Are we on an AndroidTV device?
print( "AndroidTV: ", Scrappy.Device:isAndroidTV() )

-- Are we on a desktop?
print( "Desktop: ", Scrappy.Device:isDesktop() )

-- Are we on a mobile device?
print( "Mobile: ", Scrappy.Device:isMobile() )

-- Are we on a TV?
print( "TV: ", Scrappy.Device:isTV() )

-- Are we in a browser?
print( "Web: ", Scrappy.Device:isWeb() )

-- What's our target app store?
print( "Store: ", Scrappy.Device:getTargetStore() )

-- What's our android API level?
print( "API: ", Scrappy.Device:getAPILevel() )

-- Are we on OSX architecture?
print( "OSX Arch: ", Scrappy.Device:architectureIsOSX() )

-- Are we on Windows architecture?
print( "Windows Arch: ", Scrappy.Device:architectureIsWindows() )

-- Are we on a GPU that may cause issues with captures and shaders? Note: This is a running list and not the best.
print( "Naughty GPU: ", Scrappy.Device:willGPUHaveIssuesWithCaptures() )

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