Scrappy Fonts

by Scrappy Ferret


Scrappy Fonts is a simple helper library for Solar2D for working with font files. Bitmap fonts coming soon!


A full API listing can be found here.


Register and use a font.

-- Load plugin library
require "plugin.scrappyFonts"

-- Initiate the library

-- Register a font and call it 'menu'
Scrappy.Fonts:register( "menu", "fonts/font1.ttf" )

-- Register a font and call it 'hud'
Scrappy.Fonts:register( "hud", "fonts/font2.ttf" )

-- Later on create a label using a font
local options =
	text = "Hello, world!",
	width = 100,
	x = display.contentCenterX,
	y = display.contentCenterY,
	font = Scrappy.Fonts:get( "menu" ),
	align = "center",
	fontSize = 12

-- Create the label
local label = display.newText( options )

Get a list of registered fonts.

-- Get a list of all registered fonts
local registered = Scrappy.Fonts:list()

-- And loop through them
for i = 1, #registered, 1 do

	-- Printing out their names
	print( registered[ i ] )


Register the system fonts.

-- Register the native fonts, this just allows for consistent access with the rest of the api

-- So you can now do things like this if you want
Scrappy.Fonts:get( "systemFont" )

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