Scrappy Settings

by Scrappy Ferret


Scrappy Settings is a simple settings management library for Solar2D that simplifies customisable settings.

All settings are stored in plain text in a settings.ini file in the project’s root directory, and modified ones are stored in the app’s documents directory.


A full API listing can be found here.


A basic settings.ini file to include in your project’s root directory.


Accessing some settings, changing them, and resetting back to defaults.

-- Load plugin library
require "plugin.scrappySettings"

-- Initiate the settings library

-- Print out the default volume
print( "Default Volume:",  Scrappy.Settings:get( "defaultVolumeLevel" ) )

-- And the current volume - will be nil on first run as it's not set
print( "Current Volume:",  Scrappy.Settings:get( "currentVolumeLevel" ) )

-- Set the current level to something
Scrappy.Settings:set( "currentVolumeLevel", 0.5 )

-- And print it out again
print( "Current Volume:",  Scrappy.Settings:get( "currentVolumeLevel" ) )

-- Settings can also be strings
print( "Default Language: ", Scrappy.Settings:get( "defaultLanguage" ) )

-- As well as booleans
print( "Easy Mode Enabled: ", Scrappy.Settings:get( "easyModeEnabled" ) )

-- And you can check if a settings is set to something specific like this
print( "Current volume set to 0.5?", Scrappy.Settings:is( "currentVolumeLevel", 0.5 ) )

-- The settings will get automatically saved, but you can reset them individually like this
Scrappy.Settings:reset( "currentVolumeLevel" )

-- And print it out again
print( "Current Volume:",  Scrappy.Settings:get( "currentVolumeLevel" ) )

-- Or reset them all like this

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